4 Common Mental Inflections that Can Put You out of Shape

By Kennedi Rose / February 8, 2016

Mental disorders are getting increasingly common in the 21st century because of the stress we have to deal with on a daily basis. From home to work and school, stress and tension follow us everywhere as the stakes to perform better get higher. But it?s important to remember to treat our minds as well as we treat our bodies because many mental disorders can affect our health as, if not more, badly as any physical injury.


It falls under the umbrella of mood disorders which also contains bipolar disorder and cyclothymic disorder. Depression can happen for a number of reasons but the one that is within our control is sleep deprivation and it can be prevented easily. Sleep deprivation can occur due to overworking ? that is, taking on more work than we are capable of doing within a limited amount of time. Continued sleep deprivation for a long period leads to a depressed state of mind which results in loss of proper functioning of the brain. People often lose their will to perform usual everyday activities like eating and cleaning up after themselves.


These are of many kinds but the most common ones are social anxiety disorder and persistent panic disorder. They can lead to withdrawing from social activities that is consequently is followed by breaks in daily routine which ensures our fitness and active participation in staying healthy.


Of all the mental illnesses, eating disorders are the ones that have the most harmful impact on our health. While anorexia and bulimia lead to rapid weight loss and loss of strength, binge-eating is followed by morbid obesity. Both ends of this spectrum make the body susceptible to imminent danger and ill-health, and can even lead to death if not treated quickly.


Alcoholism, addiction to substances like cocaine or heroin leads to loss of ordinary brain functions and results in hyper focus on the substance in question. People who become victims of substance abuse often even lose their lives as a result of the addiction.

It?s vital to be aware and informed of the various kinds of mental disorders that can take over our lives and what we can do to get rid of them. Most of these illnesses, like any wound, can be fixed with therapy and medication. The important thing is to ask for help. Good health is not just about physical exercise and sticking to a balanced diet. Taking care of our minds is as crucial as taking care of our bodies.

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