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3 Beauty And Fitness Investments In 2016 – Face & Fitness

3 Beauty And Fitness Investments In 2016

By Kennedi Rose / July 15, 2016

The financial world has dozens of viable investment vehicles to choose from. You can choose to do stocks trading, Forex or spread betting to name a few. Yet, one thing still remains. To succeed in the financial arena, you will need the right information at the right time. The right data can help you position your trades.

In essence, succeeding in the financial industry is simply about getting ahead of the curve, and that’s what this article is all about. In this post, we are going to feature 3 fitness-related business that is poised to make big gains in stock value.

Planet Fitness (Stock Symbol: $PLNT)

Planet Fitness is a unique kind of gym that is based in Newington, Hampshire. What’s unique about this business is that they have specifically positioned themselves as a “judgement-free zone”.

The idea is, you can start with them even if you are a complete novice. Most people dread going to gym because of the fitness-obsessed types, which truly makes the gym sessions almost intolerable. You can say that Planet Fitness is the real life version of Average Joe’s gym. What’s even more interesting is that it’s working for them.

Planet fitness has already expanded to more than 1,000 locations. The profit growth is steadily growing and their market cap is almost nearing $1.7 billion. It’s a fitness-related stock that is worth checking out.

Town Sports International Club (CLUB)

Town Sports International Club isn’t really new. It has been around since 1973. It’s not hip nor does it have a “fad” kind of thing going for it. In fact, you say it’s your “father’s gym club”, except it is probably your father’s gym club for real. However, that’s not all.

Town Sports International Club recently suffered a loss because of a dwindling membership. So, with all these bad news, why is this on the list?

Simply because the management shifted its entire business model. It used to be that the company is like a high-value, high priced gym club. Nowadays, the company positioned itself as a high value, low price kind of gym club. In fact, some branches are offering gym membership for 20$ a month. And, here’ some more points.

The company has more than 120 branches in Connecticut, New Jersey and New York. And, if you look at chart indicators, it’s easy to see that it’s a stock that is already being oversold. All in all, it’s all about this point.

With so many branches under the company and the sudden change of profit model, it’s highly possible that the company will start climbing from hell to heaven and you can join the ride. But, it all boils down to if the new profit model would be successful. Otherwise, it’s like catching a falling knife.

Nautilus (Stock Symbol: NLS)

In the world of fitness, it used to be the idea of slow, consistent and longer routines or exercises provide the best results. Nowadays, this is overtaken by a new trend of high-intensity training.

High-intensity training is all about working hard with shorter time periods. It may be a new fitness craze, but it’s not really new. Even before the craze, the Nautilus company have already been selling high-intensity exercise machines such as Schwinn Fitness, Universal and Bowflex.

So what does this mean for you as an investor? It’s possible to cash-in with all this high-intensity training fitness craze. As more and more catch on to the trend, gyms will try to stay competitive and grab high-intensity machines to offer to their members. And, who’s the leader in high-intensity training machines? Yep, it’s Nautilus! And here’s another added bonuses!

Nautilus already has a gross margin of 50% which is impressive. Add the fact that analyst opinions are strong about the company. It’s also good to know that the Nautilus stock is not subject to the cycling highs and lows gym membership population. Lastly, gyms will always need exercise machines. In short, as the high-intensity fitness craze continues to go up, it may your opportunity to ride the waves created by Nautilus.

Knowing the right information at the right time is critical in any investment medium. If your interest is investing in stocks or stock derivatives that are largely health or fitness based, then you might want to check Planet Fitness, Town Sports International, And Nautilus.

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