15 Tips for Aging Gracefully

aging gracefullyWomen like me, who are ?seeing signs of age? (whatever that means!), are often worried about aging gracefully.

We don?t mind looking our own age ? and we?ll accept it if you tell us we look younger! ? but we certainly don?t want to look older than our years.

At the same time, we don?t have a zillion bucks for Botox. What can we do?

Check out these 15 tips for aging gracefully.

#1: Eat plenty of fruits and veggies. A healthy diet is key to looking your own age!

#2: Take a daily multivitamin, even if you?re a healthy eater. Today?s fruits and veggies contain fewer vitamins and minerals than ancient fruits and veggies, thanks to modern-day mass-production methods. Counteract this deficiency by taking a daily vitamin.

#3: Give
your eyes a break! Limit TV and non-work-related Internet to an hour a day.

#4: Avoid fried foods, which harm your skin from the excess oil content.

#5: Hydrate! Drink lots of water.

#6: Use
skin creams supplemented with vitamins A, C and E.

#7: Limit your foundation. Too much can clog your pores.

#8: Exercise daily. It boosts circulation and cell turnover.

#9: Meditate, practice yoga, or do any other healthy activity that helps you reduce stress.

#10: Quit smoking.

#11: Drink
tea, which contains antioxidants.

#12: Wear sunglasses. The UV rays can harm the delicate skin around your eyes.

#13: Eat ?good fats? in nuts and avocados. These keep your skin soft and your brain healthy.

#14: Get 8 hours of sleep each night.

#15: Smile!

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