15 “Side Job” Ideas That Can Help You Earn Thousands Extra

By Kennedi Rose / April 14, 2014

From writing articles to dog-sitting, from becoming a barista in the early morning (before your 9-to-5) to delivering pizzas at night, there are lots of interesting side jobs that can help you earn thousands extra.

#1: Virtual Assistant. If you need extra side money and are good at organization be a Virtual assistant. You can earn up to $50 a day doing this side job.

#2: Dog Walking. Charge by the dog or by the hour, and make anywhere between $20-100 doing before or after your 9-5.

#3: Be a Barista. If you are a morning person why not apply to be a barista at the local coffee shop? Make minimum wage + tips and see how quickly it adds up.

#4. Wait Tables. Even one shift a week is a good option for someone who just wants to make money and have a social life. Waiting tables can easily be done on the weekends or a couple nights a week for some serious extra income action.

#5: Tutor Students. If you excel at a certain school subject then consider tutoring students for extra income. As long as you have a college degree or are currently earning one you can watch the dough stack up.

#6: Graphic Designer. If you are skilled at graphic design then consider offering this as a freelance service online. You can make several hundred extra dollars each month if you have this skill.

#7: Window Washer. If you have a squeegee, mop, bucket, and arms you can go to work washing residential and business windows for extra monthly income. Bonus is that you can do it before your 9-5 starts.

#8: Music Teacher. If you are talented with a musical instrument why not offer music instructions on the weekends or week nights for extra cash?

#9: Deliver Pizza. Make tips and an hourly wage by delivering pizzas during the week, and you will be surprised at the extra cash you can make.

#10: Detail Cars. Set your own price and work on the weekends as a car detailer for an interesting side job that gives you the pocket money you need.

#11: Be a Blogger. If you are interested in a certain topic start making money by blogging about it. You can do this on your own time and will slowly see advertisers interested in your blog.

#12: Handyman. Take your skills to the neighborhood by posting flyers to fix up things around the house. You can charge by the hour and do the work before your 9-5.

#13: Personal Shopper. Run errands and do someone?s nitty gritty work by being a personal shopper. This is a bonus side job if you like to shop.

#14: Mow Lawns. If you have the right lawn equipment you can charge $30 a lawn and mow grass during the week or even on the weekend.

#15: Fitness Instructor. Like to work out and need extra cash? Then start offering personal trainer sessions for a set sum.

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