15 Easy Savings Tips

By Kennedi Rose / November 9, 2012

In today’s economy, many people find it difficult to save money. Some people have trouble making their pay checks stretch far enough to meet their basic needs.

Knowing how much to save is just one way to reach the goal of saving. Cutting down on everyday spending is also an important part of reaching a financial savings goal. Here are 15 personal savings tips that can help anybody save money successfully.

1.) Track everyday spending and eliminate non-essentials. This may help you realize that you are spending too much on unnecessary items.

2.) Set a savings goal.

3. Replenish savings accounts by depositing any saved money from eliminated expenses.

4.) Use coupons. Reap the benefits of saving a buck or two on items that you already use.

5.) Shop around and compare prices before buying.

6.) Put money into a retirement account

7.) Examine your cable and cell phone bills. Learn how to cut services that are not needed to save an extra few dollars.

8.) Spend less on entertainment by planning a game night or hosting a movie marathon at home.

9.) Eat out less often and opt to bring lunch instead. Many people don?t realize how much they can actually save by eliminating fast food from their budgets.

10.) Frequently check for auto insurance discounts to ensure you are getting the best premium.

11.) Walk or use public transportation when possible. This can save on gas as well as help you get fit in the process.

12.) Make sure to pay bills on time. Late penalties on overdue bills can become very costly.

13.) Look for a bank that offers free checking. Some banks offer free checking to consumers who have a certain amount of money transferred to a savings account each month.

14.) Avoid costly overdrafts and ATM fees by monitoring your account daily and using the ATM from your bank only.

15.) Use cash instead of credit. By using cash, you can eliminate expensive interest fees associated with most credit cards.

Replenish your savings account by putting in any or all of this saved money. The biggest challenge of saving may just be getting into the habit.

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