14 Ways to Prevent Premature Aging … on the Cheap!

ways to prevent premature aging

How often have you heard women talk about wrinkles on their faces and foreheads?

How often have you wondered how you can maintain your youthful appearance as the years pass by?

Aging gracefully is a common issue among women who are on the brink of being called ?middle-aged? (whatever that means).

Here are 14 ways you can prevent premature aging (without spending a fortune on pricey creams and fillers).

#1: Exercise daily and make sure that you eat right. Physical activities plus a healthy diet is the number one key to looking young.

how to prevent and avoid premature aging

#2: Drink lots of water every day. This keeps your moisture content intact and thus makes your skin look young.

#3: Stay away from television as much as you can. You can really harm your eyes if you watch too much, plus sitting on the couch watching TV is a sedentary life. Flick on the TV when you need to watch news, or limit your TV watching to just an hour a day.

#4: Avoid junk food like chips and cookies. Junk food can harm your skin because of the excess oil content.

#5: Stay away from things that can harm you. For example, keep a safe distance from flames when you are grilling, and stay away from hot oil when you are cooking. Oil burns can take a long time to heal and they may leave a scar.

how to avoid premature aging

#6: Use shampoo, conditioner and soaps which are made with natural herbs and vitamins, not harsh chemicals.

#7: Wear make-up in a limit. Too much foundation creams can clog your pores, leaving a bad effect on your skin in the long run.

#8: Stay happy as much as you. This shows on your face!

#9: Avoid stress, which causes wrinkles and other health issues.

#10: Quit smoking. Smoking not only harms your health but also makes you look older than you actually are.

#11: Apply a deep-conditioner to your hair weekly. Maintaining healthy hair is a great way to look young.

#12: Drink tea in the afternoons. This beverage contains anti-oxidants and helps relieve stress.

#13: Wear sunglasses when you go outside. The UV rays can harm your eyes.

#14: Drinking one glass of red wine a day is recommended by some doctors, because it contains resveratrol, an anti-aging compound. Alcohol in high quantities is harmful, but you can occasionally slip red wine into your diet.

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