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12 Symptoms to Accept and Admit that You are in Anxiety – Face & Fitness

12 Symptoms to Accept and Admit that You are in Anxiety

By Kennedi Rose / June 18, 2018

Anxiety is one of the common illnesses which people suffer from. Every 2 out of 4 persons are suffering from anxiety. Honestly, most of us may not even realize that we are depressed. Many people often throw out the symptoms of anxiety but, they will certainly not admit to being in that state. If you consider the percentage of people suffering from anxiety disorders, you will be startled!

It is a very sensitive situation, and telling someone that you are depressed will make you feel more miserable. Self-realization is an amazing solution to admit and accept that you are fretful and there is nothing wrong in it.
Anxiety is often known as a state of mind and is mainly related to stress. We all are stressed by some situations in life, but no one is willing to cure it by choosing a proper channel. Sadly, even educated people mistakenly relate it to a mental disorder and avoid a medical treatment.

1. Excessive Worrying

Anxious thoughts and too much thinking may put you in trouble. The problem may not be that intense, but we end up giving so much importance to it. Sometimes, we keep thinking about consequences and miss to see the solution lying right in front of our eyes. Worrying too much is equally not good for health. As a result, it will affect your daily life and lifestyle.

2. Sleep Disorders

If you face troubles in sleeping peacefully, you will attract more health issues. We all know the maximum time necessary to sleep for healthy living, but very few of us actually follow it. Your sleep pattern is an art that only you need to practice. Waking up at nights, facing nightmares, crying in sleep, feeling of terror in your dream, are all signs of anxiety.

3. Feeling Fearful

Even a drop of a spoon may shake you and give you goose bumps. Anxiety is not a generalized term and different people experience it differently. Some people are fearful of dreadful animals, colors, and crowds. If this fear is stagnant for a long time, it results in phobias causing anxiety disorders. Sometimes, these are so worse that you may even dream of these, for instance, snakes slithering on your body.

4. Confused State of Mind

In other words, let me also call it being indecisive. Feeling confused of selecting between two things and later repenting for the decision taken, may put you in anxiety. Sometimes, the mind stops thinking completely and we seek others to support us. Confusion in selecting things, choosing between scenarios, and confusion in making decisions are all symptoms of anxiety.

5. Seeking Attention

Some people feel unhappy if they are not attended properly. They feel terrible of being left alone. On the worse side, some even throw tantrums to gain attention. All these are signs of anxiety. I understand it is a difficult phase, but once you admit that this is temporary, half the problem would be resolved.

6. Feeling Insecure

The fear of losing people from relations is the act of anxiety. Socializing is one of the essentials of healthy living, but some may take it too seriously. They do not want to share their friendship with others and feel insecure when their loved ones talk to others. The past experiences and bitter relations may end up raising insecurity in love relations too.

7. Short Temperament

It is one of the most common symptoms of distress. Some scenarios even lead to domestic violence. Loss of temper occurs when there is lack of patience. The person may feel angry at little things. After a hectic day, people fall in a hangover of emotional breakdowns and often blame others for their cause. The unfavorable part is that anxiety is contagious; one depressed person at home may make others depressed too by their act.

8. Indigestion

Anxiety is a state of mind, but in some cases, it might manifest in the body too resulting in physical conditions like indigestion. Some common indigestion symptoms are; stomach aches, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, gastritis, and cramping. Not all symptoms may be related to depression, however these may aggravate the stomach upsets with the other causes.

9. Public Fear

I can?t speak on stage, I can?t face the audience, I can?t memorize the words; all these are signs of stage fright and public fear. Depressed people hate to be in the spotlight. They need a lot of coaching, practice, and attention. Despite the efforts, many will still show lack of confidence.

10. Self – Conscious Behavior

People suffering from anxiety disorder may not always come across as attention seeking elements. The day to day conversations and stress may make them self-conscious about their personality. The feeling of being conscious while interacting with people, eating in public, drinking with friends, and other factors are signs of anxiety.

11. Panic Attacks

Panic attacks could be ghastly. They create a strong feeling of helplessness. Some panic attacks take minutes to settle down and as a result people suffer from physical conditions such as respiratory issues, feeling of numbness, faster heartbeats, chest and abdomen pain, sweating, and tingling. These are not really great signs and must be taken very seriously.

12. Emotional Breakdown

People suffering from anxiety are very sensitive and easily cry. They may cry looking at others? pain, watching a movie, discussing a past experience, seeing a baby cry, or anything that is emotional. Some even end up crying after a long piece of laughter. These happen with most of us. The only difference is that some people cope up with these while the rest keep suffering until they admit.
Some more uncommon symptoms are; disturbing flashbacks, craving for perfection, obsession, continuous self-doubt, and few more. I hope you have gone through the symptoms carefully to admit and accept that you are willing to see a brighter day tomorrow.

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