11 Ways to Shop Like A Sane Person!

avoid splurging while shopping

Shopping can be addictive. And once you?re hooked, you can spend a huge amount of money — even though deep down you know you shouldn’t.

Here are 11 ways to avoid splurging while shopping.

#1: Spend on what you exactly need to buy. Its important that you avoid useless items you might regret later.

#2: Make a list and know what you want exactly. This helps make shopping easier, and saves you from impulse buying.

#3: Avoid browsing for things which you don’t need. This not only helps you save money but also takes away temptation to over-spend.

#4: Try online shopping. Unlike a store, you get thousands of choices — which means you can save from the deals. There are a literally hundreds of sites which offer you lower prices than the stores and therefore save money. (Assuming you follow Rule #1: Buy only what you need).

#5: Shop around. Check out many places before you settle for a product. The main thing about online shopping is that you can check out many websites and then buy your product.

#6: Check the discount section before you buy your product. It is possible that the product you want maybe available in the sales section of the website.

#7: Do not get tempted when you want to buy something expensive when the website offers “interest-free financing”. This maybe just a trap to lure you into buying something you can’t afford. After the grace period ends, you’ll pay interest on the installments and therefore you end up paying more than the actual price.

#8: Sign up for weekly newsletters from the online stores. This will help you stay updated with the upcoming sales and discounts. Once you buy a product from an online store, they might give you cash back points to use on your next purchase.

#9: Have a budget ready when you start shopping. Once you have your budget set, you would know your limits.

#10: Check for online coupons which help you getting additional discounts on the products of that particular site. These coupons are codes which you need to feed during your payment.

#11: Keep in mind that the more you surf the net for options, the better deals you will find. Check for daily deals on the site. Many websites update the “hot deals” page daily. You may get a product at discounted price — even though just one day ago, you were getting it at regular price.

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