10 Ways to Stay Motivated to Workout

By Kennedi Rose / March 10, 2014

#1: Get up early. Set your alarm for an hour earlier than you would normally and get up when it goes off. Don?t wait until the end of the day when you are exhausted to go to the gym. Make a plan and stick with it so it becomes a part of your routine instead of an extra chore.

#2: Write it down. Keep track of how often you visit the gym and when you don?t. Put it on a calendar or as a reminder in your phone so you can physically see how much exercise you are getting and when you are making excuses for your health.

#3: Invest in yourself. Whether that means purchasing an i-pod so you can download music, or getting a bike so you can exercise in your neighborhood. Invest in your workout routine so you feel guilty if you miss a session and also so you are more motivated to get out there and use the tools you?ve invested in.

#4: Purchase a workout wardrobe. Don?t try to work out in the same sports bra you used 5 years ago when you tried to train for that 5K. Get a new pair of shoes, pants, and a sports shirt so you are comfortable and cool while exercising. Having new items to wear and comfortable shoes to exercising in will motivate you to exercise.

#5: Grab an exercise friend. Having a support system is extremely important to your fitness success. Grab a co-worker, friend, or family member and compete your way to a healthy lifestyle. This will make you accountable for your actions to another individual, therefore motivating you.

#6: Avoid weigh-ins. The worst thing you can do while exercising is to weigh yourself constantly. Opt out of daily weigh-ins and instead weigh yourself at the maximum of once a week. When you see the progress you have made over a week?s time you will be more motivated to continue your efforts.

#7: Be open. Never think you are too good or too out of shape to accomplish your goals. Open your mind and your body to new possibilities for your health. This gives you the fire to stay with your routine and expand it.

#8: Know your limits. Everybody has limits on what they can physically accomplish in one day. Make it your priority to listen to your body and don?t push yourself beyond what it can reasonably do. This will keep you healthy and motivated to grow stronger.

#9: Have a goal. Want to get into that bikini before next summer? Then put that bikini on your bathroom mirror with a note that states your goal. Every morning before you head out to your workout read your goal out loud. This keeps your goal front and center and motives you to work towards it.

#10: Make it fun. Fitness doesn?t have to be boring. Jam out to your favorite music or change the pace up by going for a hike as one of your sessions in the week. Make working out something you look forward to and you will want to keep going back for more.

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