10 Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store

By Kennedi Rose / April 28, 2014
how to save money at the grocery store

#1: Make a plan. Just as with most things in life, if you plan before you set out you will be much more successful saving money. Write down the items your family eats the most and focus on those items first. Branch out to side items and snack foods later. Also, check ahead and see what offers the store has going now.

#2: Buy food in season. You will spend more money if you purchase fruits and veggies that are not in season than if you buy items that are. Shop like you would if you were at a farmers market. Buy only fresh produce so you avoid paying the high prices of out of season veggies.

#3: Shop earlier in the day. Many of the deals stores offer have a limited supply of products in stock for you to choose from. If you shop earlier in the day you can take advantage of those deals as soon as they hit the shelves.

#4: Shop for healthy foods. When you are on a diet or when you try to eat healthily you will spend far less than when you eat whatever your heart desires. Healthy foods end up getting eaten instead of thrown out which also saves you money.

#5: Grab newspapers for coupons. Local newspapers usually offer tons of coupons for your local grocery store. Before you head to the store stop and grab a newspaper and scan for any coupons you will actually use for food.

#6: Take advantage of in-store savings. Many grocery stores now offer price matches and even specials like 10 for 10 deals that save you money and allow you to stock up on non-perishables. Hit these deals up to save money over the long-term.

#7: Sign up for a loyalty card. Loyalty cards are scanned prior to checking out with your groceries and most stores now track what you are buying and send you coupons based on your taste. These cards also save you on regularly priced items and some even have discounts on gas for your car.

#8: Look for managers specials. Mangers specials tend to be food that is about to go out of date. Scan the meat and perishable isles for these deals and don?t be afraid to take advantage of them. They save you money and often they won?t go bad for several days.

#9: Stock up on Frozen or canned foods. If veggies are too high for you to purchase when they are fresh, then look for frozen or canned veggies instead. You can bulk up on them and save money doing it that way. Frozen is better than canned as canned foods tend to be loaded with salt and other preservatives that aren?t good for your body.

#10: Buy only what you will eat. One mistake many families make is that they buy entirely too much food. If you buy more than your family can eat then you are wasting money. Track how much food your family consumes and base your grocery list off that amount to save money.

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