10 Ways to Dress Stylishly When You?re Broke

By Kennedi Rose / December 17, 2013

You?re totally broke, but you still want to dress stylishly and look great. How can you pull off a fashion score? Here are 10 tips.

Hittin' the Streets on a Budget Shopping Quest ...

#1: Alter old clothing

There are plenty of clothes in your closet that you don?t wear anymore. An easy way to get ?new? clothing that are in style is to cut up or alter your old clothes to make useful pieces.

#2: Surf the web

Purchasing clothing online can be much cheaper than buying them from a department store or clothing boutique.? Often, online stores will have deals and discounts associated with certain clothes or prices.

#3: Buy in the off season

Typically people don?t care if you?re wearing something from last year?s runway.? If you buy clothes in the off season or a season later, they will cost less and still be stylish.

#4: Wear the knock off?s

Imitation designer clothing is incredibly popular for anyone who doesn?t have thousands of dollars to spend on one shirt and pair of pants.? By wearing the same style without the designer logo, you will save a ton of money and look great at the same time.

#5: Sew

It may seem old fashioned, but sewing accessories to wear with your clothing can look great.? A colorful scarf or fitted hat are easy to make and will make heads turn on the street.

#6: Use things in multiple ways

There are a few accessories that you can wear in different ways.? Scarves and necklaces can be worn as bracelets or skirt accents as well.

#7: Check thrift stores

Thrift shops are not just for old and worn out items.? Many clothing items you will find are clean and practically new for you to wear!? You may find hidden gems for almost nothing.

#8: Mix and match

By taking specific outfits and splitting them up into different parts, you will be able to create even more outfits to wear.? These outfits will still be stylish and acceptable in the public.

#9: Try to avoid the extremes

Going overboard with accessories and extras can look gaudy and cheap.? In style, sometimes less is definitely more.? By keeping it simple and fresh, you will look sleek and stylish wherever you go.

#10: Add bling

Blinging up outfits is easy to do and can make your entire outfit look more elaborate and expensive. By sewing on glittery or sparkly buttons, you can achieve a Hollywood type look.

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