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10 Ways to Dress Stylishly on a Budget – Face & Fitness

10 Ways to Dress Stylishly on a Budget

#1: Use coupons. There is nothing wrong with using coupons to score serious style deals. Department stores offer great coupons for loyal customers if you sign up for the email newsletter or snail mail promotions. Use these coupons in coordination with sales and you can save some serious money on your wardrobe.

#2: Shop at thrift stores. Thrift stores usually rely on donations from rich folks to earn money for different charities. This means you can find your next hot pair of jeans or perfectly preserved blouse from your local thrift shop. Check out the thrift stores before you venture to your local department store.

#3: Shop for specific items. One item can make your whole outfit if you choose the right one. Consider picking up a Little Black Dress, or even a stylish winter coat to set the tone of your entire winter wardrobe. The items you should look for are items you can wear over and over again with different outfits.

#4: Look for sales. Scour the Internet for hot deals taking place in your city. Look at your local mall for secret sales taking place during the week. Just be vigilant of when and where sales are going on and make it a priority to hit them up whenever you can.

#5: Add a stylish accessory. Don?t hesitate to invest in an expensive bracelet, necklace, or even a pair of earrings. One expensive item included in a neutral outfit will create a stylish look. The idea is to save money on less important items like jackets and pants and spend money on items that add all the style and flash you need to complete your look.

#6: Go for a polished look. Think clean and wrinkle free clothing with a few stand out items. Perhaps a cocktail dress with a pair of red high heels, or a white blouse and skinny jeans, the idea is to create clean lines and perfectly paired colors.

#7: Wear clean nail polish. The days of hot pinks, blues, and purples have been left in the 90s. The new age has been all about clean natural colors like French manicures and skin tone shades of beige. When you purchase your next bottle of nail polish consider buying a color that will tie your style together.

#8: Create the natural look. In other words, think of earth tones rather than flash and bedazzle. Of course, if you want a clubbing outfit you will probably look for the opposite. But as a practical every day look purchase clothing that is natural and save your money for bigger items.

#9: Invest in style, not fashion. Don?t try to emulate the look on the runway. Spend your money on items that represent who you are and your own attitude. When you purchase clothing based off this rule instead of trying to stay fashionable you save money in the long run.

#10: Buy a nice pair of shoes. There is nothing better than a nice pair of heels. What you wear on your feet can make a statement. There are several ways to save on your shoes, such as shopping at boutiques and even some thrift stores. However, shoes really aren?t an item you should be stingy about.

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