10 Types of Affordable Home Decor Accents

By Kennedi Rose / February 25, 2014

#1: Decorative pillows.

The right pop of color or color pattern added to the same couch you?ve had for several years spruces up your home without a big budget. Buy decorative pillows from your local craft store and you can even add your own fabric by simply tying it around your pillow in a cute bow.

#2: Throw blankets.

Throw blankets add a comfy yet sophisticated style to any home. Opt for a colorful throw that is opposite on the color wheel to the color of your couch for the best effect.

#3: Quirky Lamps.

Head to the local flea market and find a floor lamp that will extend over a reading chair and add flair to your room in the process. You can even paint or accessories your new lamp to step up the unique factor.

#4: Light fixtures.

Sick of that brown fan that?s been hanging over your family?s head? Replace it with a cool chandelier or antique fan to change the atmosphere in your room. It doesn?t have to be an expensive piece but instead should pop with color or style.

#5: Accent rugs.

This is the easiest way to accent your living space. Place the rug diagonally in your room to throw off visitors and add an artsy feel.

#6: Potted plants.

Potted plants do more than accent your style, they also clean the air in your home and freshen up its aroma. Consider purchasing one or two potted plants for the greatest effect. Don?t worry about costs as indoor plants are easy to come by for a cheap price.

#7: Candles.

Big and small candles can be placed on your coffee table or mantle to create a romantic flare with different colors and shapes. Light them up at night to add to the ambience.

#8: Vases.

Big vases can be purchased at flea markets and yard sales while smaller ones are easily found in your local dollar store. To change the style spray paint them with glitter and place a candle or Christmas lights inside to play off the reflection.

#9: Wall art.

Wire clocks and art deco are easy to find at flea markets and add a spark to your living room walls for cheap. You can play off their colors and design entire rooms off these beautiful accent pieces.

#10: Baskets.

Think wire, burlap, and whicker baskets to accent your home. Baskets are also multifunctional as you can use them for storage if need be.

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