5 Tips for Holiday Beauty Savings

here are 5 holiday beauty savings tips

Want to find holiday beauty savings? Here are 5 tips:

#5: Schedule appointments After Christmas.

Many women rush to schedule hair appointments, facials and even tanning bed appointments (not that you should EVER tan!) before Christmas. They want to have the “look” in time for the office holiday party.

If you wait until after Christmas, you might be able to snag some discounts. At the very least, you won’t have to wait in such long lines or compete for an 8 a.m. appointment.

#4: Prioritize

Maybe you can’t afford it all — highlights, Keratin treatment, a new cut, AND a pedicure. So prioritize. Before you ever set foot in a salon, sit down and write out a list of all the things — in a “perfect” world — you’d want. You can just brainstorm and write whatever comes to mind.

Now start numbering that list. Your top priority is — X. Your second priority is — Y.

Spend on the 1-2 things you want the most, and ignore the rest.

#3: Try Beauty Schools

In case you’ve forgotten, December means “finals time!” for students. People attending beauty school just might want/need the extra practice, which is great news for you. You can often get high-quality treatment among beauty school students for a fraction of the cost.

#2: Find a Hairstylist Without High Expenses

Did you know that individual hairstylists pay a daily rental fee for a chair in a salon? They’re not employees of the salon. They’re renters, and the chair is their “trade show booth.” The salon is a separate business that pays for overhead (the building, the utilities) and marketing.

What this means is that you can find salon-quality stylists who aren’t renting chairs. Many of these stylists either travel (read: housecalls! No need for a babysitter!) or they have a chair in their own home.

Check Craigslist or talk to friends to see if anyone knows a good non-chair stylist in your area.

#1: Social Media

Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook “likes” — find out if a salon offers a discount for promoting their business through social media. If they do: “like” them on Facebook, “+1” them on Google Plus, or do whatever else they want to get your discount!

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