10 Reasons Why Your Fancy Car / House / Furniture Doesn’t Impress Me

#1: It?s fake. There is nothing worse than fake anything, and when you are trying to pass off pleather as alligator skin I am less than impressed. Don?t expect me to get excited about something that isn?t even real.

#2: I am not superficial. While fancy things impress some people I tend to enjoy the simpler things in life. If you have every expensive item in the world but are a pain in the behind to deal with I would rather not be ?privileged? to see your stuff.

#3: Your parents bought it for you. If you are showing me your daddy?s Lamborghini and expect my jaw to drop, think again. If you didn?t buy it then it is not yours, and if it?s not yours then why are you showing it to me?

#4: Life isn?t about stuff. Contrary to what the song says, the best things in life are free. I am more impressed by a kind, loving, and loyal individual then someone who has a bunch of shiny toys.

#5: You are showing off. Don?t show me your new house just to make me feel worse about myself. If you are showing me what you have and are proud of it, great. But don?t expect me to act ultra impressed with what you have.

#6: You?re stuff isn?t better than mine. If I already have what you are showing me I?m not going to be impressed. I love what I have but I would rather be the only one who has it.

#7: You bought it only because everyone else did. Trends don?t catch my fancy so don?t expect me to drool all over you new iPhone because it?s cool. I really just don?t care.

#8: I think about the people who made it. I am more concerned with the lives of the people who were forced to make the product you bought then I am with your desire to show it off. I am disgusted by people who live off the backs of the poor.

#9: You?ve shown me it before. If you keep trying to show me the new underground pool you had installed every time I come over I am not going to be impressed. Just because you spent thousands on it doesn?t mean I need to know.

#10: It isn?t as fancy as you think. Don?t try to show me something that came out 10 years ago and act like it?s an antique. I will see through the thin lie you have made up and I certainly won?t be impressed.

Photo: Flickr /?Lukasz Dunikowski

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Kennedi Rose

Simon @ Modest Money - November 11, 2013

Hahaha, Sounds like you don’t impress easily 🙂
Showoffs and off-putting certainly…especially those doing so with other people’s things, on borrowed or leased stuff or in the extremes the fake stuff.
Personal confidence, humility and genuiness…give me that any day and deep down my heart I’ll probably be won over.

    Kennedi Rose - December 4, 2013

    Haha, you’re absolutely right! I don’t impress easily 🙂 Thanks for commenting, Simon!

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