10 Reasons Why My Student Loans Are Stressing Me Out

#1: I can’t make the monthly payment. When I signed up for these loans I did not expect to be paying more than my car payment every month for them. It’s caught me off guard and now I can’t afford them!

#2: The interest is building up. I really can’t afford to keep allowing the interest to build on my loans but there is virtually no way to stop it. At this rate I won’t have them paid off until I’m 90!

#3: It’s either rent or student loan payments! I’ve gotten to the point that I have to choose between paying my student loans or having a roof over my head. I’m sorry, but I choose roof. To me it really isn’t an option.

#4: It’s ruining my relationships. Every time I meet a new guy I have to keep my debt hidden away so I don’t scare him off. Unfortunately, if I want a serious relationship I’m going to have eventually let him know the skivvy on my debt situation.

#5: I’m an emotional wreck. I’ve had countless sleepless nights worried about my student loans and how I will ever pay them back. I can’t even get a job in the career I want because I’m so down about my debt.

#6: I can’t move to a new apartment. The simple fact that my loans are on my credit report has caused my credit score to drop. This makes it impossible to move out of the crummy apartment I stay at now. If I can’t move I can’t better myself and so continues the endless cycle of debt and stress.

#7: I’m ruining my mom’s credit. Half of my loans were taken out in my mother’s name which only adds to the stress I deal with. Because she knows I’m not paying on my loans she is constantly upset with me and it has caused strain in our relationship.

#8: Because I only have one more deferment left. Deferment has been the only way my loans haven’t gone into default yet. I can’t afford to pay them and so I’ve been deferring them to avoid payments. Now that isn’t an option since I can only do it one more time for the entire course of my loan.

#9: I can’t enjoy anything! I can’t even go out for an night with my girls because there is a massive guilt trip in the back of my mind about my student loans. It makes it hard to enjoy anything.

#10: I’m scared I won’t be able to land my dream job. Careers require background checks and credit checks, and at this rate I wouldn’t qualify for the job that I want. This stresses me out tremendously.

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