March 10 Pound Challenge Update

By Kennedi Rose / March 2, 2012

You might recall that I signed up for a 10 Pound Challenge, a shared challenge among several bloggers to lose 10 pounds in 12 weeks.

The bad news: I’m totally failing.
The good news: This challenge is making me more aware of what I eat and how much I exercise.

Things I’m Doing Right:

There’s a famous quote that says “What gets measured gets done.” I’m ‘measuring’ and tracking everything I eat and I’m keeping a written log of how much I exercise, and the results actually surprise me. I eat more low-fat, high-carb varieties of Mexican food than I realized, which is good. I also eat WAY more ice cream than I realized, which is … delicious. I do a good amount of cardio, but I hardly do weight-resistance training.

I’ve probably held these habits for years, but I never realized it until I started tracking everything as a result of joining the 10 Pound Challenge. Here’s an example of some tracking:

Breakfast ? coffee, creamer
Lunch ? 2 slices of homemade pizza with fat-free feta cheese, red onion, green olive, and a sugar-free tomato sauce base
Snack ? FiberOne bar
Snack #2 ? quinoa with black beans
Dinner ? half a PB&J sandwich with a glass of chocolate skim milk
? Small, small serving of ice cream
Exercise: 30 minutes on elliptical machine, walked 1.5 miles on treadmill

Tuesday :
Breakfast: FiberOne cereal, skim milk, coffee, creamer
Lunch: two pieces of lightly-battered oven-baked cod with tartar sauce, plus some roasted potatoes
Snack 1: a few bites of ice cream
Snack 2: FiberOne bar
Lite Dinner: some more roasted potatoes and a small piece of multigrain bread
Second Lite Dinner: baked chicken breast with romaine lettuce, ranch dressing, croutons, plus some crackers with brie
Exercise: 30 miles on elliptical, 30 minutes on treadmill

The Challenge From Here:

Of course, awareness is only the first step. Now I have to set goals to change my behavior based on my observations. For instance, I should set a goal of doing weight-resistance training at least twice a week. In fact, I should be even more specific — e.g. “every Monday and Thursday” — so I have some accountability.

I eat at restaurants a lot less than I used to, which helps keep me on track, but my next challenge is avoiding fatty foods at the grocery store. I have a tendency to eat PB&J sandwiches or ice cream if I know that they’re on hand, so I need to keep my fridge stocked with the good stuff — chicken, quinoa, black beans — so that I can avoid the “bad” stuff.

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