10 Muscle Groups That Make Women Look Great

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#1: Arms.

There is nothing more attractive than a woman in a strapless dress with well toned arms. They are the arms that carry children and wrap around a man to show him love. They make women look fantastic when they are in good shape.

#2: Stomach.

Six pack? Yes please! Men love to see a woman with a well toned stomach lying out on the beach. Getting rid of the flab and replacing it with abs is an investment in body image and in health.

#3: Legs.

Want to show off that cute mini skirt you just bought? Well get to work on your calf muscles, because those babies are going to out on display. Women wear high heels to extenuate their leg muscles but if you don?t have any to show off its kind of pointless.

#4: Back muscles.

A well toned, yet feminine back is both strong and soft. A well toned back shows you care for your body and that there isn?t an ounce of fat on you. Certain exercises like pushups and weight lifting help in achieving a toned back.

#5: Bottom muscles.

Toned, firm, and strong your gluteus maximums might be his favorite muscle of all. If you want a toned bum then get ready to do plenty of squats and lunges, because this is one muscle that loves fat!

#6: Shoulder muscles.

Shoulder muscles are an attractive sign of strength and physical fitness. When they are toned, shoulder muscles put your fitness on display and can be shown off in a bikini or even a sleeveless gown.

#7: Thigh muscles.

Inner thigh fat is flabby and gross but a strong inner and outer thigh is extremely attractive on women. The goal is to wear shorts with confidence and this can easily be done if your thigh muscles are well toned.

#8: Chest muscles.

Breasts reside on top of the pectoral muscle and if you want a firmer perky chest then work out the muscles underneath it. Obviously, the results of a strong chest are one of men?s favorite female attributes.

#9: Neck muscles.

Hate double chins or weak neck muscles? Then tone it up. Every woman looks attractive with a muscular or well toned neck as it is one of the first things other people notice.

#10: Hip and lower back muscles.

The shape of the hips represents the female frame, but the stronger more toned the hip and lower back muscles are the more attractive a person seems. You can show off your hips in a great bikini or a tube top.

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