10 Cheap Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

By Kennedi Rose / February 4, 2014

#1: Exchange homemade gifts. Compile a list of your favorite songs that remind you of your loved one. Exchange the gifts over a homemade meal and enjoy yourselves.

#2: Go for a walk. Spend time with your sweetheart by going for a walk. Enjoy you town?s parks and scenery and plan to do so only with your spouse for a few hours on V-day.

#3: Go out for lunch. Valentine?s Day is all about wining and dining but in reality you can save money by going to lunch instead of dinner. Lunch can be just as romantic without the price tag. Eat early and by a bottle of wine for later.

#4: Buy a potted plant. Instead of purchasing fresh cut roses spend money on flowers that can reproduce. Mini rose bushes or a lily is just as beautiful and lovely as a dozen roses and it costs incredibly less.

#5: Do what he/she loves. Spending the day doing your significant others favorite activity is fun and brings you both together. Whether it?s just playing video games or making love just enjoy each other and save cash in the long run.

#6: Take a bath or shower together. If you have a Jacuzzi tub at home take advantage of it and make it a romantic event together. No need to spend any money just grab a towel and enjoy.

#7: Make a homemade dinner. Use coupons at your local grocery store to get food for you meal on the cheap. Make your meal together for an added romantic bonus.

#8: Give each other a massage. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on massages for each of you learn some basic massage techniques and share the love with each other. It?s free and romantic.

#9: Go to a free concert. Many towns offer free concerts so check out your local events and look for a concert you both might enjoy. A concert is something you both will likely enjoy and a night out without the kids may be all both of you really want.

#10: Watch a marathon of your favorite show. Turn on Netflix and watch your favorite television show. Grab a blanket and some hot coco and enjoy the day together.

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