10 Cheap Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

By Kennedi Rose / December 4, 2013

#1: Stay at home. New Year?s Eve is celebrated by every news channel and organization out there, so staying at home and watching the ball drop is a fun and cheap way to enjoy the festivities.

#3: Buy cheap champagne. You don?t have to buy a bottle of Dom Perignon to enjoy the New Year. Many cheaper alternatives taste just as good and don?t break your budget for the entire year.

#4: Eat dinner earlier. Restaurants often run specials on New Year?s Eve if you eat early enough. Go to dinner just an hour or two earlier than you normally would and enjoy the price reduction.

#5: Drink at home. Before heading out for a night on the town get your pre-party buzz on at home. Alcohol bought at the liquor store is almost half the price of restaurant mark ups. Line up a designated driver first so you can enjoy the buzz without driving.

#6: Take advantage of Happy Hour. Tons of bars have happy hours available to patrons, but the trick is finding those bars and taking advantage of them. Look in your local newspaper for info on the hot spots in your city.

#7: Play board games. Dust off your monopoly and deck of cards and have a few rounds of gin with your closest friends. The best way to celebrate the New Year is with your loved ones so invite them over and play some games.

#8: Watch local fireworks. Many cities offer a free fireworks show on New Year?s Eve so check your local listings to see if any celebrations along those lines are available to the public.

#9: Have a Skype party. If your friends and family are located all over the US why not host a Skype party and welcome the New Year in with all the ones you love. The service is free and you won?t have to supply food or drinks for the party!

#10: Have friends over. You don?t have to throw a full on party to reap the benefits of New Years. Invite your closest friends and family members over and over a drink of champagne. It?s cheap and will be fun for everyone involved.

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