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  1. Should You Consider Decreasing Your Dairy Intake?

    September 1, 2015 by Kara Perez

    dairyI’m always on the lookout to improve my diet. I eat pretty healthy but there are definitely days where I only consume carbs. (I <3 you bread!) I’m in the later half of my 20’s now and I am noticing that my body is going through some changes., the biggest of which by far has been how my body deals with dairy.

    I’ve never had a problem with dairy before. Growing up I guzzled milk and ate cheese, ice cream and all other sorts of delicious dairy treats with abandon. Now that I’m all grown up and my body is aging a bit it’s a different story. I get sharp stomach pains when I eat too much dairy and often get very bloated. Most of the adults on both sides of my family are lactose intolerant and I’m pretty sure I’m following in their footsteps.

    While there are pills I can take to digest dairy I’ve decided to use this as an opportunity to educate myself about dairy consumption and if it’s actually good for you to eat. Dairy is in a lot of food in a lot of different forms. Whey, cheese powder, and milk proteins are really common in packaged foods and restaurants love to smother things in cheese. It’s everywhere! And is it really the best way to get calcium and build bone strength?

    Turns out, no, dairy is not the best way of getting calcium into your system or to protect bones. Dairy products contain a lot of fat and cholesterol and a few unnecessary chemicals, all of which you don’t need to be consuming.

    So what are those chemicals I just mentioned? We know our modern day food is more processed and treated with more chemicals than previously in history. Dairy is no exception. It can contain steroids, fertilizers, hormones and other chemicals. It makes sense when you get over your shock right? Animals today are treated with a lot of hormones and steroids and are eating food and grass that has also been chemically treated. Those chemicals end up in our dairy products.

    It’s also estimated that 70% of the entire world is lactose intolerant! Common symptoms are bloating, gas, stomach pains, rashes or problems breathing. If you feel these after eating dairy or find that they are a constant part of your daily life you should look into eliminating dairy.

    Going dairy free or even just easing up on the cheese train is pretty easy to do. I switched out my cow milk for soy or almond milk a few years ago. I know some people swear by coconut, hemp and rice milk as well! There are also dairy free cheese available at most major grocery stores today and vegan products are also widely available. Since a vegan consumes no animal or animal product you can be assured that anything labeled vegan will be dairy free.

    But wait Kara! What about my bones? I don’t want osteoporosis when I’m older. I need that dairy calcium! Maybe you don’t actually. Calcium is found naturally in vegetables like kale and broccoli, avocado, brussels sprouts, almonds, and whole grains. Lots of companies also now fortify their products with calcium so you can find it all over the place! A quick search on Google will show you a million other sources of calcium besides dairy.

    Another important way to build bone strength is to exercise. Bone strength and density is built when you put stress on your bones. They build resistance to the stress and thus strength! So mix in some weight lifting, jogging and interval training to help your bones get and stay strong.


  2. The Perfect Summer Date Outfit

    August 25, 2015 by Kara Perez

    Af0sF2OS5S5gatqrKzVP_SilhoutteSummer nights have a sort of magic about them. There’s an energy in the air that carries excitement in it. It makes for the perfect dating season in my opinion.

    Love is in the summer air! Don’t we all want to look our best on date nights? It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together forever or are stepping out together for the first time- you want to look nice when you’re on a date.

    How to find that perfect summer date outfit? Of course everyone has their own style. You should personalize your look however you want and let your personality shine through your clothing. In the summer heat you want to be comfortable, able to move and feeling good.

    For my time and money, here is one of two perfect date night outfits: strappy sandals, white jean shorts, a button down top, and one piece of jewelry (dealer’s choice on that piece!)

    Summer Date Outfit

    I can hear some of you thinking ‘that’s a little casual for date night isn’t it?’ Yes, it is a little casual. Summer is a casual season though.

    In most of the world summer is too hot to wear more formal fabrics like wool or cashmere. Fabrics like linen or cotton are what’s in right now. The same goes for the color palette- summer is all neons or pastels. Darker, more somber colors are reserved for winter time. You can get away with pink shorts in the summer. Pink pants in the winter will definitely turn a lot of heads!

    This outfit is also appropriate for a lot of different venues. Concerts, casual dinners, a picnic in the park, a stroll along city streets…this outfit works for them all. If you didn’t plan the date you want to be ready for whatever your date may have in store for you.

    Strappy sandals are a step up from flip flops. Lots of them come with some sort of embellishment, making your shoes dressier and more of a statement piece than something like simple black ballet flats. Sandals are also seasonal. You want to wear them while you can! Show off the pedicure you gave yourself this week and rock your strappy sandals proudly.

    White jean shorts are my absolute favorite. They look good on almost every skin type and especially so during the summer when most people have a bit of a tan going on. White shorts definitely have a short shelf life so get the most use out of them while you can! White denim shorts are also a really easy way to deviate from the repetitive blue jean short vortex most people seem to be trapped in. Yet they still provide the same comfort and fit of denim. They stand out while keeping you comfortable.

    I love the look of a button down. It’s classic, chic and comfortable. The summer trifecta! Chambray shirts are always popular but for date night I prefer something a little bolder than that. I would go with a patterned or bright summer color top for date night. I have a bright red button down I love that brings out the color in my cheeks and looks great with red lipstick. Leave the top few buttons undone (wear a cami underneath for full coverage!) Always roll up the sleeves too.

    I like to roll up my sleeves on a button down for more polished look and to give some space for my jewelry choice: bracelets. God help me, I love bracelets. I have a few in various sizes that I like to stack and I have some bangles that I bust out when I want to feel like an 80’s rock star. I like that bracelets rarely get in the way and can really dress up an outfit with minimum effort.

    For other the jewelry might be a necklace or earrings. Whatever you decide to wear is fine but be judicious in your choice. You don’t want to wear too much jewelry, which is always a fashion don’t. Find pieces your comfortable with and that compliment the entire outfit.

    If you need something a little more chic or something a little more ‘you’ never fear: I have the solution. The Little Black Dress.

    Black Dress

    A staple in everyone’s wardrobe, the LBD is perfect for every occasion. I think it presents the perfect opportunity for customization. You can dress it up or dress it down, depending on your mood or what date night is going to entail. With a well fitted and solid color dress like an LBD you can personalize your outfit in other ways. I’m a fan of a statement necklace with an LBD but follow your own bliss!

    The great thing is, everything goes with your little black dress. Funky statement jewelry or a slim gold necklace work equally well. High heels or combat boots both match. Let your dress be your launch pad to creating an entire look you feel comfortable and happy in. If you feel good you look good!

  3. 5 Tips For Getting a Better Night’s Sleep

    August 25, 2015 by Kayla

    baby-22194_1280Getting a good night’s sleep is important, both for your well-being, and in some cases, the well-being of those around you. Most people tend to get cranky and grouchy if they are tired and haven’t had enough sleep. A lack of sleep, whether it be in quality or quantity, can begin to have serious effects on your health, especially as you grow older. If you don’t think you’re sleeping too well at the moment, read on for some handy tips.


    One of the easiest ways to fall asleep fast and stay asleep is to be as comfortable as possible. This usually means evaluating the comfort levels of your mattress and your pillows. Wool pillows, in particular, are great as you can use them all year round with no trouble at all. If you think your bed might need a revamp, bedding specialists such as MiniJumbuk can find the perfect combination for you.

    Limit Technology Use

    The light that is emitted from screens – whether it is from the television, your laptop or your phone – can prevent your brain from switching off properly when you decide that it is time to sleep. Try to limit your use of technology half an hour to an hour before you go to bed, and you will find yourself falling asleep faster and sleeping better.

    Eat Well

    Your diet is very important when it comes to sleep. Make sure you have eaten enough, but not so much that you feel stuffed. Stick to healthy foods if you can, as you don’t want to be waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Consider limiting your intake of alcohol and caffeine at night as well, as these can also have disruptive effects.

    Sleep Schedule

    Developing a sleep schedule is a good way to keep your body and your sleep cycle on track. Plan a time every night to go to sleep, and a time to wake up in the morning. It might take your body a little while to adjust to the schedule, but you will be able to see the benefits of such a plan in a reasonably short amount of time.


    If you are relaxed, you are more likely to fall asleep and also stay asleep. Find an activity that relaxes you and do that just before you go to sleep. It might be as simple as a bath or reading a book – everyone has different interests and quirks, so find what works best for you.

    Getting enough sleep will make you happier, calmer and will give you the energy to do more things in your day. These tips are just some suggestions for ways you might be able to get a better night’s sleep. Remember that what works for one person might not be suitable for you, so it never hurts to do more research and some experimenting until you find something that clicks.

    What are your tips for getting a good night’s sleep? What do you find works for you and what doesn’t?

  4. Struggling to Stay Awake During the Day? Here Are 3 Tips to Help

    August 24, 2015 by Kayla

    sleep-264475_1280You snooze, you lose – especially if you’re getting your Z’s during the day when you’re not supposed to!

    Do you struggle to stay awake during the day? Whether you had a big party or an inadequate sleep the night before, staying awake during a long day can be tough if your body isn’t feeling rested and refreshed. If you are finding it hard to stay awake for the majority of the day, there are many tricks you can adopt that can help you to stay alert. Here are three of them.

    1. Sleep Better During the Night

    To stay alert and aware during the day, you need to sleep well at night. The solution for you really might be as simple as improving your nightly slumber. The best way to sleep better is to invest in a proper mattress. A good mattress can make all the difference in your sleeping habits and level of comfort. For a wide range of mattress choices, browse a store like Sleepy’s that houses multiple styles and brands. Once you have a suitable mattress for your body and sleep style, you will find yourself more relaxed and falling asleep more easily.

    2. Stimulate Your Senses

    During the day, you can keep yourself alert by constantly stimulating your senses. Drink water, suck on mints, eat snacks, look out the window, tap your feet on the floor, clap your hands together to keep your hands active, and take a walk and breathe in fresh air. Stimulating your senses keeps you from falling into a lull of activity by staying too stationary. If you are alert at all times, you are less likely to succumb to dreariness and fall asleep. Depending on your daily routine and patterns, try different things each day so that your body is forced to remain active.

    3. Change up Your Daily Patterns

    Change up your daily patterns slightly so that your body does not get too used to a routine. If you stick too much to a routine during the day, you might find yourself going into autopilot mode, which makes it all too easy to nod off unexpectedly. If you change your daily patterns by moving around the office, taking a shower first thing in the morning, eating breakfast a little bit later, exercising earlier in the day, going for an afternoon walk, and so on, you are not allowing your body time to realize it is fatigued. Staying active during the day is also a good way to boost your energy levels over a longer period. Higher energy levels will help you to stay alert without tricking your body into being alert.

    There are many ways to keep yourself awake during the day. Some are quick fixes that do not require much effort, while others involve a longer approach that you can adopt over time to keep yourself from feeling chronic drowsiness altogether.

    What are your best tips for staying awake during the day?

  5. Drug Free Ways to Help with Depression

    August 19, 2015 by Kayla

    sad-505857_1280Depression can be a debilitating condition, making the sufferer feel like everything is pointless, and drained of all energy and motivation. Depression can make it hard to live a normal life, as simply getting out of bed can become an almost Herculean effort, making holding down a job or a social life impossible. Depression is also quite common, with around one in four adults experiencing it at some point in their lives. It can also affect teens and children.

    Medication – and its Drawbacks

    The most common treatment for depression is with drugs that increase uptake of a naturally produced chemical called serotonin. Antidepressant drugs such as Prozac have been used to successfully help patients with depression for decades, however they do have some downsides. They take a while to work, with most people’s symptoms not being alleviated in the first two weeks of treatment. They can also cause some troublesome side effects, one being anxiety – which can be a real problem given that many people with depression already experience anxiety.

    While not addictive, patients worry that they will have to continue taking the medicines to control their moods and prevent depression from coming back, which can also lead to a psychological fear of coming off the drug, even though for most people depression is not chronic so lifelong medication would not be required. Additionally, getting antidepressants means seeing a doctor, and not all people with depression can face doing this or can afford to.

    Drug Free Options

    There are proven ways to fight depression without taking medication, whether prescription drugs like Prozac or natural remedies like St John’s Wort. Some of these the sufferer can do themselves, whereas others require professional help. The most effective are:

    • Lifestyle changes – Giving up alcohol and getting regular exercise has been shown to alleviate depression.
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – This is a form of psychological treatment that does not involve drugs and is used to battle depression as well as other things like anxiety and phobias.
    • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) – A specialist non invasive, drug free treatment offered by clinics like Smart Brain and Health that stimulates areas of the brain and has been shown to fight depression.

    These options don’t have any side effects but do require some effort from the patient, so you have to be really willing to fight your depression yourself and put in the work in order for them to work.

    What to Do if You Have Depression

    If you are currently suffering from depression and are ready to take action, it is worth considering trying the simplest options (changing your diet and getting more exercise) first. These cost nothing and you can do them by yourself. If that alone isn’t enough to pull you out of depression, you can either talk to your doctor about medication, or look at other drug free approaches like TMS and CBT, which you should also consult your doctor about.

    Depression is not uncommon, but most people do beat it and go on to live happier lives.

  6. 10 Ways to Organize Your Closet

    August 18, 2015 by Kayla

    dresses-816033_1280Is your closet a disaster resembling a war-zone? Mine used to be, but now that I’ve started a capsule wardrobe, it’s organized all the time simply due to the lack of clutter.

    If you aren’t quite ready for the leap to a capsule wardrobe, perhaps you could try one of these # ways to organize your closet instead.

    1. Declutter – Even if you don’t get your clothes narrowed down to a capsule wardrobe, you should still declutter things that are ripped, stained, or torn, along with things that don’t fit or you don’t like or wear.
    2. Install Shelving, Hanging Bars, or Hooks – My closet had a terrible set up when I moved into my house. One of the first things I added to my to-do list for my house was to make over my closet. Adding shelves, additional or sturdier hanging bars and hooks will automatically make it easier for you to put clothes away instead of on the floor.
    3. Take Advantage of Hard-to-Reach Places – Use hard to reach places, like way up high or deep in the back of your closet to store things you don’t need to get to very often.
    4. Get Matching Hangers – As soon as I get my closet system replaced later this year, I’m going to invest in a good set of hangers. Quality hangers take up less room and hold your clothes in place so they don’t slip off onto the floor never to be seen again.
    5. Store Shoes Differently – Instead of letting your shoes take up all the floor space in your closet, store them in cubbies or on shelves so you can easily walk into an walk-in closet.
    6. Upgrade Lighting – Adding extra lights in your closet will help you to see what you have so you can utilize everything you own.
    7. Remove Closet Doors – Taking off your closet door will motivate you to keep your closet clean. Plus if you have a small bedroom, having a curtain or empty door frame will decrease the amount of space needed to go in and out of your closet since you won’t have a door to swing.
    8. Store Out of Season Clothes Elsewhere – Instead of leaving your whole wardrobe hanging in the closet year-round, store off season clothing in containers under the bed, in the attic, or even on a high shelf in the closet if you have room to spare.
    9. Keep Outerwear Elsewhere – Bulky coats, scarves and gloves take up a lot of room in your bedroom closet. If you have a coat closet, consider storing them there instead.
    10. Organize Clothing Differently – Consider subscribing to the clothing organization system of flipping your hangers to see what you wear. This is just one method of storing your clothes differently so you can see what you wear and what needs to go.

    Organizing your closet doesn’t have to be a chore, it can actually be a fun project to tackle. Plus you’ll have a much easier time getting dressed in the mornings when your closet isn’t a disaster.

    How do you organize your closet?

  7. 5 Things You Should Know About Your Thyroid

    August 17, 2015 by Kayla

    13866052723_2020820f89_zThe thyroid is one of the most important glands in your body as it is essentially its master regulator. It determines how much energy you use and is responsible for how fast you can burn calories and how easy it is for you to lose weight. It also controls many of your body’s essential mechanisms and can even influence your mood. If you don’t know much about your thyroid, here’s your chance to learn something new and be aware of some of the most common thyroid problems.

    1. Hypothyroidism

    If you have hypothyroidism, it means your thyroid is under-functioning. This is often characterized by low metabolism and energy levels, so you might feel lethargic or struggle to maintain your weight even while eating the correct foods. This is the most common form of thyroid disease, and it can affect other bodily functions – especially if you are trying to get pregnant. Hypothyroidism can cause fertility problems and an increase in the risk of miscarriage, so you should definitely get your thyroid checked out if this is on the cards.

    2. Women vs Men

    Women are more likely to develop thyroid problems than men, especially in the first few months following pregnancy. Be aware of how you are feeling in these months, and look after any friends who have newborns as well, as their attention might be focused solely on their new arrival. However, thyroid issues are not exclusively female, so regardless of your gender, go and see a doctor if you think your thyroid might be playing up.

    3. Gluten

    Much has been said about gluten recently, and it has been framed both positively and negatively. If you know you are sensitive to gluten and have been having issues with your metabolism, try to restrict your diet to non-gluten foods. Give this a try for a month or two to see if your thyroid antibodies and function return to normal levels.

    4. Hormones

    Your thyroid creates two hormones – T3 and T4. T4 is the inactive form of T3, and so the body, when it is functioning properly, converts the correct amount of T4 to T3 in order for it to regulate your metabolism in the most efficient way possible. Thyroid problems can often occur when this conversion is disrupted or blocked altogether.

    5. Iodine

    Iodine is important for proper thyroid function, but foods high in iodine usually do not make it into our stomachs. If you are concerned about your thyroid function, consider taking some iodine supplements, just to give yourself a little boost.

    Thyroid problems can become quite serious and may affect your life in many different ways if left untreated. If you think your thyroid might not be working normally, do not try to self-diagnose. There are always options available, even if you live in remote areas. Contacting an after hours doctor service such as Doctor To You might be one such option on your list.

    Have you had thyroid problems before? What sort of treatment worked for you? What would you recommend to others who may also have similar issues?

  8. The Perfect Summer Work Outfit

    August 11, 2015 by Kara Perez

    4942707942_5a3297968f_bIt can be the absolute worst trying to focus on work in the summer. If you’re like me you want to go back to the days when summer meant summer vacation: swimming, sleeping and sunshine. Summertime brings with it a sense of fun and a sense of nostalgia for many.

    Summer also brings with it different clothing options. No longer do you have to dress in endless layers just to get out of your house and no longer are dark blues and blacks the only acceptable work colors. Pastels and prints are out in full swing this time of year.

    Of course you still want to look professional and be recognized for the work-badass that you are. So your neon crop tops are not going to fly in the office.To look powerful, profession and perfect this summer follow these steps:

    1) Add pops of color.

    While the weekends might be time for your bright yellow jumpsuit and heart shaped sunglasses, the office is not the venue for that. But you can still sneak in some color!

    Try wearing brightly colored heels with a neutral colored skirt or dress. Beige looks lovely with yellow and pink always works well with black. A lively colored necklace is another great way to have a dash of color in an otherwise more sedate outfit.

    2) Celebrate patterns.

    Like I said before, now is the time for prints!  Florals are always summer appropriate and can also be work appropriate. Patterns like chevron are a strong but simple way to make an outfit stand out. Feel free to find as crazy a pattern as you want- just make sure to pair it with something more understated to find a balance.

    3) Light layers.

    Offices are almost always freezing but who wants to wear their winter cardigan in August? Instead work some layers. Wear your white button down top under your favorite weekend sleeveless dress for a more formal look. Throw a button down top over a sleeveless top, tie it at the waist and pair with black pants. Add elements of formal outfits to informal outfits to add both warmth and the air of professionalism your work requires.

    4) That Thing You Always Wanted to Do.

    If you bought a pink blazer three years ago and have just let it hang in your closet now is the season to wear it. I honestly think people are just more open and nicer in the summer time so you should use the season as an experiment. Be brave and try an outfit or a style you never have before. Branch out of your fashion rut and try something new!

    The perfect summer work outfit is one you feel comfortable and capable in. Whatever your style or office environment is you can find ways to make the season work for you!

  9. 6 Easy Ways to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

    August 4, 2015 by Kayla

    clothes last longerNow that I’m living with a capsule wardrobe, I am beginning to see how quickly clothes can wear out when you don’t have many of them. That combined with the fact that I’m on a self-imposed shopping ban until the end of the year means that I have to find as many ways to make my clothes last longer as possible.

    Here are 6 easy ways you can make your clothes last longer without making any big changes to your everyday habits.

    Pay Attention to Color

    One of the easiest things you can do is make sure to avoid wearing certain colors of clothes at certain events, like don’t wear a white shirt if you’ll be working in the garden, getting dirty. Another example is wearing white pants and eating spaghetti – I did this a few months ago and ended up with tomato sauce on my pants. Luckily it came out in the wash, but I would’ve been upset if it hadn’t as I don’t have the money in my budget to replace stained clothes all the time.

    Avoid Special Cleaning Instructions

    Another tip I’ve always followed is to avoid buying clothes that require special cleaning instructions, like dry clean only or hand wash clothes. These items are very limited in my wardrobe as I don’t want to deal with the hassle, or the expense, of cleaning them.

    Only Wash Clothes When They Need It

    Wearing my jeans twice and my jackets and over shirts two or three times cuts down on how much laundry I have to wash, dry, and fold each week. Plus it also cuts down on the wear and tear of washing my clothes. This helps delay your clothes from pilling, stretching out, fading, and more.

    Another cleaning tip is to wash everything on delicate and dry it on low heat if you dry it in the clothes dryer at all. I hand as much of my clothing as possible as this makes it last much longer.

    Make Repairs if Possible

    Some things are easy to repair, like replacing a button or taking up a hem on pants that are too long. This can give your clothes a longer lifespan and save you money in the long-run as you won’t have to replace your clothes as often.

    Don’t Rip Tags Off

    When you get new clothes it’s tempting to rip off the plastic tags, but this can tear your clothes or make them have a weak spot that will wear out faster in the future. You should always cut the tags off of new clothes instead. This rule also applies when the tag in the clothes you already own is making you feel itchy – always cut it out instead of ripping it out.

    Folding vs Hanging

    Make sure you store clothes properly so they maintain their shape and structure. Some clothes should be hung, like wrinkly dress clothes, and other things, like stretchy sweaters, should be folded and put in drawer or on a shelf.

    Can you think of any other ways to make clothes last longer?

  10. Summer 2015 Capsule Wardrobe: Month 3 Update

    August 3, 2015 by Kayla

    capsule collageWell, well. Here we are – just over 3 months into my first attempt at a capsule wardrobe.

    I also did updates after month 1 and month 2.

    So far I’ve learned several things about having a capsule wardrobe, like:

    • You have to wash laundry more often.
    • You have to plan ahead.
    • You should include pants in your summer capsule, or start it later.
    • I don’t need 38 items of clothing, especially since I didn’t count shoes.
    • Some items are staples and you need to buy higher quality.

    Whew! That is quite a list of lessons I’ve learned from my first capsule wardrobe so far. Here are a couple more I learned in July:

    Capsule Wardrobe Season Length

    Most of the time a capsule wardrobe would only be 3 months long, but this time I decided to start my summer capsule early and therefore I knew going into it that it would be 4 months long.

    In the last couple of weeks I have found myself starting to feel a little bored by the items in my capsule. Again if this were a 3 month capsule, like most people do, that wouldn’t be problem because it would be the tail end of the capsule. But this time I’m a little bored with my clothes and I still have 1 month to go.

    Life Changes

    I’ve had some life changes lately, like switching to self-employment, and that might make it difficult to stick to my summer capsule for the month of August since it’s got mostly office-type clothes in and less casual pieces. In the future, my capsules will be more casual since I now work from home.

    Do Capsules Save Money?

    Since I bought quite a few things for my fall capsule this year, I’m wondering if capsules really do save you money. I think I spent around $250-300 for my fall capsule, mostly because I needed casual clothes since I quit my job, but I didn’t spend anything for my summer one.

    I also plan to make use of items I already own for my winter capsule so I don’t have to spend any money on it either. If I’m successful with that, then I think I’ll be able to say that having a capsule wardrobe does save you money.

    Today is my first day of self-employment and it’s hard to say how much I’ll stick to my summer capsule wardrobe for the last month of this time frame. I’m super excited for my fall capsule and I can’t wait to start it. But I don’t want to start it early and wind up in the same boat at the tail of it too – being bored with my clothing choices.

    Even with being somewhat bored of my summer capsule, I’ve still liked this experiment so far. I like that I don’t have so many things clogging up my closet and it makes it easy to choose from 10 shirts and 8 or 9 bottoms every morning. I don’t have to think as much as what goes together because it’s mostly all mix and match. But, I do have to plan ahead so my clothes aren’t in the wash when I need them for special events.

    Are you attempting a capsule wardrobe?