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  1. Subtle Changes That Make a Difference to Your Appearance

    April 21, 2014 by admin

    change to your appearance

    Sometimes you have that moment in life where you decide it’s time for a change. Whether you’ve grown tired of your current job, you want to move house, get yourself a new car or make changes to your look; it’s only natural that now and again you get the urge to make a change.

    The issue is, just how much of a change do you make in one go without turning into someone else? You still want to be you!

    In terms of your appearance, it can often be a case of less is more, helping you to feel invigorated and like you’ve been given a new lease of life. One option that many people are choosing, particularly in the last few years, is to have laser surgery on their eyes. Lots of people have decided to ditch the glasses they have been wearing for years and improve their natural vision.

    Having to wear glasses is something that both men and women complain about. Many feel that they ruin their outfit or that they just hate wearing them, but are forced to, due to their poor or deteriorating eyesight. Laser eye surgery is the ideal solution, so speak to a consultant about your options.

    The next idea is something you can definitely decide upon without a consultation, and that’s your hairstyle. If you’re the kind of person who has been wanting to do something different with their hair for years, but never taking the plunge, then give it a go.

    Get yourself down to your favourite salon and book a stylist you get on with to talk through your options. Tell them what you like, what you don’t like and even take examples of the styles you like with you, whether it’s what your favourite celebrity did with their locks at the weekend or a cutting from a magazine.

    It could be a case of cutting it short, changing the colour or going for something completely “out there.” Hair is something that will always grow back and you can always change it if you don’t like it, but you never know unless you try!

    Makeup is another subtle change that will make a big difference. Some people prefer to wear a lot while others prefer the minimalist look. Whichever side you’re on, getting it right can make a big difference.

    Eyeliner and mascara can make your eyes stand out and are ideal if you have bright eyes, while lipstick and some blush on your cheeks can help to give you a healthier-looking complexion.

    Now and again, it’s always good to make a couple of changes to your wardrobe, too. Whether it’s making the bold move to wear a pair of skinny jeans for the first time, or a skirt shorter than you’ve worn before, now and again a new look – even for a short period of time – can help to make you feel much better, and look better too, without having to get yourself a whole new wardrobe.

  2. 15 “Side Job” Ideas That Can Help You Earn Thousands Extra

    April 14, 2014 by admin

    From writing articles to dog-sitting, from becoming a barista in the early morning (before your 9-to-5) to delivering pizzas at night, there are lots of interesting side jobs that can help you earn thousands extra.

    #1: Virtual Assistant. If you need extra side money and are good at organization be a Virtual assistant. You can earn up to $50 a day doing this side job.

    #2: Dog Walking. Charge by the dog or by the hour, and make anywhere between $20-100 doing before or after your 9-5.

    #3: Be a Barista. If you are a morning person why not apply to be a barista at the local coffee shop? Make minimum wage + tips and see how quickly it adds up.

    #4. Wait Tables. Even one shift a week is a good option for someone who just wants to make money and have a social life. Waiting tables can easily be done on the weekends or a couple nights a week for some serious extra income action.

    #5: Tutor Students. If you excel at a certain school subject then consider tutoring students for extra income. As long as you have a college degree or are currently earning one you can watch the dough stack up.

    #6: Graphic Designer. If you are skilled at graphic design then consider offering this as a freelance service online. You can make several hundred extra dollars each month if you have this skill.

    #7: Window Washer. If you have a squeegee, mop, bucket, and arms you can go to work washing residential and business windows for extra monthly income. Bonus is that you can do it before your 9-5 starts.

    #8: Music Teacher. If you are talented with a musical instrument why not offer music instructions on the weekends or week nights for extra cash?

    #9: Deliver Pizza. Make tips and an hourly wage by delivering pizzas during the week, and you will be surprised at the extra cash you can make.

    #10: Detail Cars. Set your own price and work on the weekends as a car detailer for an interesting side job that gives you the pocket money you need.

    #11: Be a Blogger. If you are interested in a certain topic start making money by blogging about it. You can do this on your own time and will slowly see advertisers interested in your blog.

    #12: Handyman. Take your skills to the neighborhood by posting flyers to fix up things around the house. You can charge by the hour and do the work before your 9-5.

    #13: Personal Shopper. Run errands and do someone’s nitty gritty work by being a personal shopper. This is a bonus side job if you like to shop.

    #14: Mow Lawns. If you have the right lawn equipment you can charge $30 a lawn and mow grass during the week or even on the weekend.

    #15: Fitness Instructor. Like to work out and need extra cash? Then start offering personal trainer sessions for a set sum.

  3. 10 Ways to Dress Stylishly on a Budget

    April 7, 2014 by admin

    #1: Use coupons. There is nothing wrong with using coupons to score serious style deals. Department stores offer great coupons for loyal customers if you sign up for the email newsletter or snail mail promotions. Use these coupons in coordination with sales and you can save some serious money on your wardrobe.

    #2: Shop at thrift stores. Thrift stores usually rely on donations from rich folks to earn money for different charities. This means you can find your next hot pair of jeans or perfectly preserved blouse from your local thrift shop. Check out the thrift stores before you venture to your local department store.

    #3: Shop for specific items. One item can make your whole outfit if you choose the right one. Consider picking up a Little Black Dress, or even a stylish winter coat to set the tone of your entire winter wardrobe. The items you should look for are items you can wear over and over again with different outfits.

    #4: Look for sales. Scour the Internet for hot deals taking place in your city. Look at your local mall for secret sales taking place during the week. Just be vigilant of when and where sales are going on and make it a priority to hit them up whenever you can.

    #5: Add a stylish accessory. Don’t hesitate to invest in an expensive bracelet, necklace, or even a pair of earrings. One expensive item included in a neutral outfit will create a stylish look. The idea is to save money on less important items like jackets and pants and spend money on items that add all the style and flash you need to complete your look.

    #6: Go for a polished look. Think clean and wrinkle free clothing with a few stand out items. Perhaps a cocktail dress with a pair of red high heels, or a white blouse and skinny jeans, the idea is to create clean lines and perfectly paired colors.

    #7: Wear clean nail polish. The days of hot pinks, blues, and purples have been left in the 90s. The new age has been all about clean natural colors like French manicures and skin tone shades of beige. When you purchase your next bottle of nail polish consider buying a color that will tie your style together.

    #8: Create the natural look. In other words, think of earth tones rather than flash and bedazzle. Of course, if you want a clubbing outfit you will probably look for the opposite. But as a practical every day look purchase clothing that is natural and save your money for bigger items.

    #9: Invest in style, not fashion. Don’t try to emulate the look on the runway. Spend your money on items that represent who you are and your own attitude. When you purchase clothing based off this rule instead of trying to stay fashionable you save money in the long run.

    #10: Buy a nice pair of shoes. There is nothing better than a nice pair of heels. What you wear on your feet can make a statement. There are several ways to save on your shoes, such as shopping at boutiques and even some thrift stores. However, shoes really aren’t an item you should be stingy about.

  4. 10 Celebrities Who Declared Bankruptcy

    March 31, 2014 by admin

    #1: Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson went into debt after failing to support his $10million a year Neverland Ranch and staff. In 2007 the multi platinum King of Pop filed for bankruptcy and had to get rid of some of his assets.

    #2: MC Hammer. MC Hammer is a well known example of how not to spend your millions when you acquire fame and fortune. The rap star spent his money building a mansion and paying for his entourage. He filed for bankruptcy in the late 90s.

    #3: Gary Coleman. The star of Different Stroke earned millions off the successful show but ended up filing for bankruptcy in 1996 when his total assets were worth little more than $200,000.

    #4: Walt Disney. Even one the most whimsical and creative individuals in recent history found himself in debt and with overhead costs he simply could not afford. He filed for bankruptcy in 1923 and then freed himself and eventually created Mickey Mouse.

    #5: Burt Reynolds. The bandit found himself running from debt collectors in 1996 and from his Ex Wife Loni Anderson. He spent millions on poor financial moves and paying lawyers to come out with bankruptcy as the end result. He filed his bankruptcy in 1998.

    #6: Larry King. The talk show host racked up nearly half a million dollars in debt and chose to file for bankruptcy in 1978. He is one of the prime examples of individuals who made it after complete financial devastation.

    #7: Anna Nicole Smith. Anna Nicole Smith was notorious for having a drama filled life and was always in the middle of a bitter battle over funds. But when she fought for her right to a portion of a $400,000 million fortune she ended up owing $900,000 in legal fees leading to bankruptcy in 1996.

    #8: Willie Nelson. Failing to pay the IRS led to bankruptcy for the legendary country singer. He racked up nearly $17million in back taxes and ended up having to tour, sell off his possessions, and releasing an album to get himself back in the black.

    #9: Mike Tyson. $30 million per fight couldn’t keep Mike Tyson from going into debt. Even though at the peak of his career his personal fortune amounted to $300million. By the end of it all he had somehow managed to get himself in $27million in debt and had no other choice but to file bankruptcy.

    #10: Stephen Baldwin. The famous actor filed for bankruptcy in 2009 citing his debt had reached $2.2 million and all of his personal assets only amounted about $1.1 million. He also was arrested in 2012 for failure to pay taxes.

  5. 10 Super-Healthy Vegetables You Shouldn’t Live Without

    March 24, 2014 by admin

    #1: Broccoli.
    Broccoli is packed with antioxidants, and cruciferous nutrients that fight disease. Some studies also show that broccoli reduces the chance of developing stomach, lung, and rectal cancers. Eat one portion a day to receive the full benefit of this super vegetable.

    #2: Sweet Potatoes.
    Sweet Potatoes are rich in Vitamin A, C, and manganese. They are literally full of anti-cancer nutrients and are delicious to boot!

    #3: Red Bell Peppers.
    Lycopene and folic acid are Bell Peppers strong suites. If you want to fight off heart disease and high blood pressure you should consume these flavorful vegetables at least once a week.

    #4: Brussels Sprouts.
    Folic acid, vitamin B, C, and K can all be found within these nutrient packed veggies. If you are pregnant or in poor physical health Brussels sprouts will help you fight off diseases, and are also vital for establishing healthy neural tubes for developing fetuses.

    #5: Spinach.
    Spinach contains virtually every vitamin and nutrient you need to be healthy and happy. The beautiful thing about this super veg is that it can be eaten in a plethora of different ways. Raw, juiced, or cooked it is a delicious and healthy addition to any meal.

    #6: Romaine Lettuce.
    Vitamin A and folate are the major nutrients found in Romaine lettuce and they are easy to eat with every meal perfect for salads. Choose a light dressing such as a vinaigrette or vinegar and olive oil to stay on the lower end of your caloric intake.

    #7: Kale.
    Kale is a super food. It contains vitamin A, K, and C and also is a great source of calcium and folate. We love this vegetable because it is low calorie and can be eaten both cooked and raw to gain all the nutrients.

    #8: Beets.
    Beets are yummy, high in magnesium, potassium and folate. They are popular as a side dish for meals and are regularly consumed in the south. We love this veggie because of its beautiful color and cooking options.

    #9: Carrots.
    Rich in antioxidants such as vitamin K, A, and C they are nutrient packed and great for the hair, skin, and the cardiovascular system. The greatest advantage of carrots is their sweet flavor and the variety of ways to consume them for their health benefits.

    #10: Eggplant.
    Eggplants are unique because of the rare nutrient they contain called nasunin. This nutrient protects your brain cells from damage. There is also the chance that they reduce the risk of stroke and dementia. Eggplants are delicious and are commonly used in Italian dishes.

  6. 10 of the Healthiest Fruits — and Why They’re Great

    March 17, 2014 by admin

    #1: Avocado. Avocados are creamy, yummy, and are a nutrient powerhouse. They are packed full of monounsaturated fats that help lower cholesterol and also make you feel full. Avocado meat is also free of sugar so it is one of the best fruits to consume, although it makes up for it in calories.

    #2: Banana. Banana’s are sweet and creamy, and contain about 422 milligrams of potassium each .They are also known to lower high blood pressure. Additionally, bananas are a great source of energy and perfect to eat with breakfast or at lunch for an extra energy boast.

    #3: Blueberry. Do you like your fruit loaded with antioxidants? Then look no further than the blueberry. This beautiful fruit contains more antioxidants than 60 other fruits it has been compared to, making it the perfect cancer prevention fruit to consume. Studies have also linked blueberries to a lowered risk of Alzheimer disease.

    #4: Cantaloupe. Cantaloupe is sweet, crunchy and refreshing. It is low in calories and full of beta-carotene which helps prevent cataracts and several other diseases. Eat this fruit with breakfast to fill up without consuming tons of carbs and sugar in the process.

    #5: Kiwi. The fuzzy little nut looking fruit known as kiwi is also a treasure trove of vital nutrients. Kiwis have more vitamin C than oranges and can lower the level of dangerous triglycerides in the blood which is a precursor to heart attacks. Put them in your diet on a regular basis to reap the benefits.

    #6: Orange. Low in calories and high in folate and vitamin C, oranges are the perfect food to eat on the regular. They are sweet, juicy and fun to eat! Add in the fact that they are high in potassium and are linked to lower blood cholesterol you can see why they made our list!

    #7: Cherry. Cherries are an excellent source of anthocyanin an antioxidant that reduces inflammation in the joints. If you suffer from gout or arthritis then consume a cup of sour cherries every day to notice the benefit.

    #8: Mango. The mango leads the fruit world with high levels of both Vitamin A and Vitamin E, which are vital for good health. Mangos also come with a bonus of high fiber and of course are well liked for their sweet tropical flavor.

    #9: Grapes. Grapes make wine, isn’t that reason enough to love them? If not, consider that grapes are a rich source of antioxidants and manganese. If regularly consumed, grapes can reduce the risk of heart attack and the spread of cancer cells.

    #10: Peaches. With flu season quickly approaching us the need for immune system support is on the rise. Luckily, all you really need to do to boast your immune system is to eat peaches. They are full of vitamin A which regulates and supports immune function. Plus they are absolutely delicious.

  7. 10 Ways to Stay Motivated to Workout

    March 10, 2014 by admin

    #1: Get up early. Set your alarm for an hour earlier than you would normally and get up when it goes off. Don’t wait until the end of the day when you are exhausted to go to the gym. Make a plan and stick with it so it becomes a part of your routine instead of an extra chore.

    #2: Write it down. Keep track of how often you visit the gym and when you don’t. Put it on a calendar or as a reminder in your phone so you can physically see how much exercise you are getting and when you are making excuses for your health.

    #3: Invest in yourself. Whether that means purchasing an i-pod so you can download music, or getting a bike so you can exercise in your neighborhood. Invest in your workout routine so you feel guilty if you miss a session and also so you are more motivated to get out there and use the tools you’ve invested in.

    #4: Purchase a workout wardrobe. Don’t try to work out in the same sports bra you used 5 years ago when you tried to train for that 5K. Get a new pair of shoes, pants, and a sports shirt so you are comfortable and cool while exercising. Having new items to wear and comfortable shoes to exercising in will motivate you to exercise.

    #5: Grab an exercise friend. Having a support system is extremely important to your fitness success. Grab a co-worker, friend, or family member and compete your way to a healthy lifestyle. This will make you accountable for your actions to another individual, therefore motivating you.

    #6: Avoid weigh-ins. The worst thing you can do while exercising is to weigh yourself constantly. Opt out of daily weigh-ins and instead weigh yourself at the maximum of once a week. When you see the progress you have made over a week’s time you will be more motivated to continue your efforts.

    #7: Be open. Never think you are too good or too out of shape to accomplish your goals. Open your mind and your body to new possibilities for your health. This gives you the fire to stay with your routine and expand it.

    #8: Know your limits. Everybody has limits on what they can physically accomplish in one day. Make it your priority to listen to your body and don’t push yourself beyond what it can reasonably do. This will keep you healthy and motivated to grow stronger.

    #9: Have a goal. Want to get into that bikini before next summer? Then put that bikini on your bathroom mirror with a note that states your goal. Every morning before you head out to your workout read your goal out loud. This keeps your goal front and center and motives you to work towards it.

    #10: Make it fun. Fitness doesn’t have to be boring. Jam out to your favorite music or change the pace up by going for a hike as one of your sessions in the week. Make working out something you look forward to and you will want to keep going back for more.

  8. 10 Muscle Groups That Make Women Look Great

    March 4, 2014 by admin

    #1: Arms.

    There is nothing more attractive than a woman in a strapless dress with well toned arms. They are the arms that carry children and wrap around a man to show him love. They make women look fantastic when they are in good shape.

    #2: Stomach.

    Six pack? Yes please! Men love to see a woman with a well toned stomach lying out on the beach. Getting rid of the flab and replacing it with abs is an investment in body image and in health.

    #3: Legs.

    Want to show off that cute mini skirt you just bought? Well get to work on your calf muscles, because those babies are going to out on display. Women wear high heels to extenuate their leg muscles but if you don’t have any to show off its kind of pointless.

    #4: Back muscles.

    A well toned, yet feminine back is both strong and soft. A well toned back shows you care for your body and that there isn’t an ounce of fat on you. Certain exercises like pushups and weight lifting help in achieving a toned back.

    #5: Bottom muscles.

    Toned, firm, and strong your gluteus maximums might be his favorite muscle of all. If you want a toned bum then get ready to do plenty of squats and lunges, because this is one muscle that loves fat!

    #6: Shoulder muscles.

    Shoulder muscles are an attractive sign of strength and physical fitness. When they are toned, shoulder muscles put your fitness on display and can be shown off in a bikini or even a sleeveless gown.

    #7: Thigh muscles.

    Inner thigh fat is flabby and gross but a strong inner and outer thigh is extremely attractive on women. The goal is to wear shorts with confidence and this can easily be done if your thigh muscles are well toned.

    #8: Chest muscles.

    Breasts reside on top of the pectoral muscle and if you want a firmer perky chest then work out the muscles underneath it. Obviously, the results of a strong chest are one of men’s favorite female attributes.

    #9: Neck muscles.

    Hate double chins or weak neck muscles? Then tone it up. Every woman looks attractive with a muscular or well toned neck as it is one of the first things other people notice.

    #10: Hip and lower back muscles.

    The shape of the hips represents the female frame, but the stronger more toned the hip and lower back muscles are the more attractive a person seems. You can show off your hips in a great bikini or a tube top.

  9. 10 Types of Affordable Home Decor Accents

    February 25, 2014 by admin

    #1: Decorative pillows.

    The right pop of color or color pattern added to the same couch you’ve had for several years spruces up your home without a big budget. Buy decorative pillows from your local craft store and you can even add your own fabric by simply tying it around your pillow in a cute bow.

    #2: Throw blankets.

    Throw blankets add a comfy yet sophisticated style to any home. Opt for a colorful throw that is opposite on the color wheel to the color of your couch for the best effect.

    #3: Quirky Lamps.

    Head to the local flea market and find a floor lamp that will extend over a reading chair and add flair to your room in the process. You can even paint or accessories your new lamp to step up the unique factor.

    #4: Light fixtures.

    Sick of that brown fan that’s been hanging over your family’s head? Replace it with a cool chandelier or antique fan to change the atmosphere in your room. It doesn’t have to be an expensive piece but instead should pop with color or style.

    #5: Accent rugs.

    This is the easiest way to accent your living space. Place the rug diagonally in your room to throw off visitors and add an artsy feel.

    #6: Potted plants.

    Potted plants do more than accent your style, they also clean the air in your home and freshen up its aroma. Consider purchasing one or two potted plants for the greatest effect. Don’t worry about costs as indoor plants are easy to come by for a cheap price.

    #7: Candles.

    Big and small candles can be placed on your coffee table or mantle to create a romantic flare with different colors and shapes. Light them up at night to add to the ambience.

    #8: Vases.

    Big vases can be purchased at flea markets and yard sales while smaller ones are easily found in your local dollar store. To change the style spray paint them with glitter and place a candle or Christmas lights inside to play off the reflection.

    #9: Wall art.

    Wire clocks and art deco are easy to find at flea markets and add a spark to your living room walls for cheap. You can play off their colors and design entire rooms off these beautiful accent pieces.

    #10: Baskets.

    Think wire, burlap, and whicker baskets to accent your home. Baskets are also multifunctional as you can use them for storage if need be.

  10. Do-It-Yourself Beauty Tricks

    February 18, 2014 by admin

    Do-It-Yourself Beauty Tricks
    From avocado to olive oil, your kitchen cabinet is ripe with hair and skin treatments that are much cheaper than what you can find at a salon.

    #1:Baking soda to exfoliate. Baking soda is naturally abrasive but gentle enough for sensitive skin. Instead of going to the salon for a professional facial treatment just mix water and baking soda for a bi-monthly natural exfoliate treatment.

    #2: Use lemons for dry skin. If you have unusually dry skin you can use a fresh lemon to scrub your dead skin off. It is completely safe and all natural and costs less than a few cents compared to an expensive salon treatment.

    #3: Avocado and olive oil for hair. To strengthen and hydrate your hair take olive oil and avocado and mix together for a hair mask. Leave the mixture on your hair for 5-10 minutes and then rinse. Much cheaper than a hot oil treatment at a salon.

    #4: Use Kiwis for a mask. Mash up a kiwi or two and apply the results to your face and scrub away dead skin. The seeds in the kiwi make for a great exfoliate mixture and the vitamins in the meat of the fruit provide nutrients to your skin.

    #5: Sugar for a body scrub. Sugar is a wonderful natural body scrub that will take away dead skin cells and leave it refreshed. Finish with deep penetrating lotion for complete healing.

    #6: Hydrogen peroxide for a teeth whitener. Mix baking soda with hydrogen peroxide to form a thick paste and brush it on your teeth with a tooth brush. Leave it on your teeth for a few minutes and viola! Cleaner and brighter teeth!

    #7: Honey and lemon acne fighter. Lemon is a natural anti-bacterial agent and coupled with honey it will absorb into black heads and remove them. Rinse your face with warm and then cool water to close your pores back.

    #8: Brown sugar for lip scrub. Mix brown sugar, honey, and olive oil for a thick and sticky lip scrub that nourishes the skin while taking off dead skin that gets in the way of your fabulous lip gloss.

    Photo Flickr / UrbaneWomenMag